Tuesday, 18 October 2011

People, Cloth, Earth...

People, Cloth, Earth.....

what relation between the two?
The berry on the hill top
and the salt at the sea
what relation between the two?
Guheshwaralinga and me
what relation between us ?
by : Allama prabhu(12th century)
Translated by : O.L.Nagabhushana Swamy 

The people here,
Their attires,
and the land....
it is an amalgam of cultures,
as if all the colours of life have come together;
depicted in one picture
Etthana Maamara....

The concept for this work was formed initially at a Railway station...
The people from different walks of life, some trying to catch up with time, in hurry to reach for the days work or the people who have just arrived from a distant place, curiously watching the happenings. Also some faces eagerly waiting for the arrival of train and others who are sleeping on the benches or on the platform as the train is delayed interested me.
As the days passed, my classmates, the Shanthiniketan, tailors of Bolpur just joined the list of my concept.
Colorful dresses of the people also became part of the concept... making it possible to bring it out on the canvas as one picture.